Magnus Carlsen Takes The 100 Endgames Test

Magnus Carlsen is already among the all-time great chess players; probably he is the greatest of them all!

There are multiple videos available to prove his genius (apart from his total dominance on chess board in last 10 years).

However the two three that come to my mind are as follows (I have already posted about two of them earlier in different blogs, however repeating here for posterity).

1. Magnus Carlsen takes a basic endgames test and destroys it! It just shows the depth of his preparation and understanding of the game

Magnus Carlsen plays blindfold simultaneous with time control!

Magnus Carlsen recalls 8 out of 9 positions from Vishy Anand’s games. This is the depth of his studies that he remembers almost all important games of his rivals, opponents and eminent dead!

Lastly, on a lighter note, Magnus is not invincible always! Of course, when you take him on in a fun quiz…


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