A tale of two interviews

Scene 1:

Year: 2006

(Pretext: Mr. K has written a very difficult entrance test for a company and has successfully passed it…and is now ready for personal interview with panel of two people)

Mr. X: Mr. K, congratulations! You have successfully passed such a difficult first level…how did you find our test?

Mr. K: (hesitation) Ammm…(hesitation) well, it was good…

Mr. X: Don’t worry, open up! Feel free to say what you want to say…

Mr. K: Well, the test was very difficult and challenging, but had very little relevance with the kind of job profile it was used for. I mean how does solving a few mathematics problems or puzzles justify that candidate is capable of writing a Business proposal or talking to client?

Mr. X (angrily): What do you mean? You think the entrance test was waste?

Mr. Y: (chipping in as a mediator): Mr. K, you know, Mr. X has developped that test himself! He is the head of our recruitment drive and identifies right skills-sets for various job profiles.

Mr. K: Well, I am not saying anything against Mr. X…you asked me what I felt about the test…you asked for my “honest” answer, didn’t you? So I am saying that…

Mr. X (interrupting Mr. K): …..so? You know, we eliminate 99.5% of the candidates though that test! We reject them all and short-list only 0.5% of candidates for the next level…

Mr. K (with a faint smile): …and you think that is your ‘achievement’, you take pride in eliminating people? What is your primary objective? Do you want to ‘recruit’ people or ‘eliminate’ them? What is so great in subjecting candidates to difficult questions they are not required to know to do their work…and humilitate them by rejecting most of them…and still take pride in this?

Mr. X: (almost trembling…and looking at his mobile that was switched off long ago) Mr Y., I think I have got some important call to attend, you take it forward and I will talk to you later…

(Mr. X leaves the room)

Mr. Y: Mr. K…

Mr. K (interrupts and gets up): I think I am not qualified for this job…I should have been in the other 99.5%, but by some mistake was shortlisted. I do not want to take this interview further. Nice meeting you…bye.

(In less than 5 minutes – Mr. K receives an email… “Mr. K…though your achievements are impressive we regret to inform you that…”)

Scene 2:

Year: 2008

(Pretext: Mr. K is appearing for a telephonic interview)

Mr. X (after usual ‘tell-me-something-about-youself’ questions): So Mr. K, in Java/J2EE…blah blah blah…

Mr. K: (as if reading the answer from a book)..blah blah blah…

Mr. X: What is ………

Mr. K: ……

(similar Q&A happens for 30-35 mins)

Mr. X: OK, I have no further questions….you seemed to be knowing this questions. You were answering as if you had answer sheet in front of you.

Mr. K: Well, to be honest, I have conducted interviews, and I know all the typical no-brainer questions that can be found on any website.

Mr. X: So you think these questions are not important or nece


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