Fighting tobacco…with cartoons, poems

Today’s Indian Express, a leading English Daily, carried an article  about ‘Anti-smoking’ campaign…

Fighting tobacco – with cartoons, poems etc. Here’s a spoof on Jack and Jill poem…
Jack and Jill
used to smoke on a hill
to get a stupid pleasure.
Jack got cancer
and lost his life;
Jill too died soon after…
The article reminded me of a few posters about anti-smoking ads I had
 gathered from web. I had forwarded those to my friend – who is a pukka smoker (with pride!) – some say, he was born with a cigarrette in one hand and a match box in another 🙂
He used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day! That too, was way back in 1998, when he had no income (still in 2nd year of Engineering) and had  to make ‘jugaad‘ for buying those cigarettes…
Now he is well settled and earning a fat salary (enough to pay the most expensive brand of cigarretes), so imagine what he would be smoking like…
Anyways, I lost the track of the main point…
The point was I forwarded those ad poster (attached below), to him and he brushed it off with some ‘none-of-your-business’ type reply…and then we broke into a HUGE debate that lasted
 many days/ weeks/ months…
Interestingly enough my views about 
I would write about both views on that debate sometime later…till then check these ads on anti-smoking campaign.

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