Google Buzz

Google Buzz is creating quite a lot of buzz…it is directly competing with social networking websites – Twitter in particular.

Some time back Google tried to create a wave. It offered the service only to limited people by providing the service by invitation only (just as was done with GMail) and I was so happy to get an invite!!!

That Wave did not even create any ripples…

This time Google has taken a different route. It has made the service available to everyone using GMail…one fine day I found the Buzz option while logging on to GMail

and as soon as I nodded, the link was silently created under Inbox of my GMail

And immediately found few people following me.

The immediate controversy that followed was about Privacy – the Buzz was making email IDs public to other contacts.

Now I read today in the news that Google has corrected it.

I am yet to try buzz…have got a couple of messages but am yet to respond…plan to check out Buzz sometime soon!

~ Kaustubh

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