Rekindled love…

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The last year, and the last week week was amazing!

It rekindled my two old love interests: Mathematics and Music…

Interest in Mathematics was revived long back…on 31st December 2016, to be precise. And since then I have spent quite some time in 2017 on Mathematics (on the book I am contemplating) – and enjoyed every moment of it!

I had never really lost interest in Mathematics. It was just dormant or less prominent. But reviving interest in Mathematics has helped me a lot during the last one year when I was feeling very lonely and had many negative and depressing thoughts and grudge against my own shadow.

Interest in Music was rekindled yesterday! And that is an amazing feeling! I had practically lost interest in Music for last few years. Didn’t enjoy listening to music, exploring it, sharing with others, discussing with close friends – all of which I used to do a lot…really a lot till few years ago.

yesterday and day before yesterday I was awake till 4-5 AM listening to music on iPod/Youtube from 11 PM or so. It was not because I couldn’t sleep. It was because I didn’t feel tired/ didn’t want to sleep.

I am feeling very energized. I was wandering clueless since last 31st December, trying to fill the vacuum, healing the hurt and trying to forget and forgive.

Hopefully these two old love interests can fill the vacuum created by my other love, and heal the wounds, at least to some extent.


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