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27th July 2018


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    1. As difficult a question as “How do you define beauty?”

      But let me share some random (and incomplete) notion I have. “Suspended judgment” is one aspect. I used to react in a knee-jerk manner. I still do, sometimes. But that has reduced considerably with age/variety of life experiences. Earlier I would jump to conclusion quickly and judge. Now I am more willing to give some time and thought.

      Rule based vs Principle based approach is another sign. When you mature you understand value of context and don’t act dismissive or short-sighted. When I studied in the UK there were 25 different nationalities. Most nationalities were represented by only 1 person. Only a few nationalities had 2-3-4 people. There were 17 Indians and 13 Chinese. It was very easy for us to label that nationality based on our interaction with that one person (e.g. People from Azerbaijan are friendly, or People from Georgia are anti-social. And many people did make such judgments and developed stereotypes.

      Another big aspect of maturity, which is very relevant for me, is letting go. Not clinging to the past or not allowing negativity to seize your mind. Or how to deal with such negative experience which cause a permanent scar on your mind. I must admit that I still cannot do it, but at least I have understood that it needs to be worked on.

      I am sure that the definition is far from complete; in fact I might have just scratched the surface. However it’s a journey (and not a unidirectional one).. What is today’s wisdom for me, may become tomorrow’s knowledge and later the second nature.

      One of the important feedback given to me by my good friend was:
      “Choose your battles carefully. Not every battle is worth fighting for. And sometimes being right is not the only goal. Sometimes peace is more important than being right”

      To me, that was a great example of maturity…but may be for someone else it could be common sense or stating the obvious.


  1. Mine has been a very simple definition. I give it here for what it is worth. “Maturity is acting with courage but tempered with concern.”

    Coming to your particular aspect of reactions, you can do no better than to ruminate on this quote from Viktor Frankl.
    “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

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