Ambarsariya and Rafta Rafta – Copy or Inspiration?


Today I came across this nice rendition of song “Ambarsariya Mundeya” from movie Fukrey

You can listen to the full song here:

While listening to the song it struck me that the Mukhda sounds a lot similar to “Rafta Rafta” song from Akshay Kumar’s movie Namastey London. Check it here:

Not sure if both songs are based on common Raaga or some folk song. Both songs have Punjabi/ North Indian backdrop, so it’s possible that they have some common connect.

Rafta Rafta is composed by Himesh Reshmiya. So given his track record, I would have said that the song is copied from Ambarsariya which is composed by Ram Sampath. However, Rafta Rafta was released much earlier, in 2007 and Fukrey released in 2013.

Anyways, the songs are not completely identical. I saw few Youtube videos about songs copied by various music composers. Will share some of them in a separate post.

2 thoughts on “Ambarsariya and Rafta Rafta – Copy or Inspiration?

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    1. Yes, I got to know that recently. We need more such lyricists, filmmakers who bring out true colors of Punjab. Otherwise people would mistake Punjabis as Karan Johar type of fake and filmy families

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