CBI Carries Out Raids in CBI Headquarters Is The New Joke On Feku

Today I saw a tweet by motormouth Congress leader (?) Sanjay Jha.


I don’t regard him highly (in fact not even lowly), however the question he put across was too important. So I retweeted.

Yesterday there was a hilarious news headline: CBI carries out raids in CBI headquarters!

The Central Bureau of Investigation is the premier investigating agency in India. It is also often accused of being a “caged parrot” for allowing itself to be used by the incumbent Government to carry out political vendetta. This is true of the current Govt led by BJP and previous Govt led by Congress or any other party/coalition.

However the situation is different (and a new low) now. CBI’s Director (#1 in the organization) charged CBI’s Special Director (#2 in the organization) of corruption/bribery and filed an FIR. In the same case CBI had to raid its own headquarters and seize documents related to the Special Director. And hence the funny headline.

The news became a source of lots of jokes on Twitter and other social media. One more addition in the series of jokes targeted at PM Narendra Modi (personally) and his party BJP.

The link between accused Special Director, Rakesh Asthana and Modi goes back to Gujarat. You can read details of the story here and here.  In nutshell he was part of SIT to investigate 2002 riots in Godhra, when current Prime Minister was the Chief Minister of that state. Asthana was later elevated to CIB #2 position when Modi became the PM and that was also a controversial decision which went up to Supreme Court for confirmation.

Soon after the story broke, new details, like the one below, are emerging about Asthana.


Over past few months the Government and Modi in particular is facing heat from all corners. And only he is to be blamed for this. Over last 4-4.5 years he has systematically undermined institutions in blatant hunger for power and supremacy (pseudo-dictatorship) and elevating himself as “11th incarnation of Lord Vishnu”.

CBI raiding CBI is unprecedented. Under Modi, all constitutional institutions are being finished or weakened one by one to enable autocratic rule.

  • Judiciary: Compromised (First ever revolt by Supreme Court judges when they held a press-conference addressing the nation)
  • Election Commission: BJP’s arm (BJP gets election schedule before EC makes it public)
  • CVC/CAG: Dummy
  • IAS: Mute (Trend of ex-IAS joining politics is most common now)
  • RTI: Destroyed (I can personally vouch for this, based on first hand experience of last 10 years)
  • CBI: Revolt (No. 1 vs No. 2 – and PMO is silently backing No. 2 and the accused)
  • Lokpal: Non-existent
  • Parliament: Non-functional

It is often touted that Modi is incorruptible personally and hence he is super-clean. I don’t agree with that argument. Corruption is not so narrow or in conventional notion of financial wrong-doing./bribery.

The above definition is interesting. We attach far more importance to the first aspect – “fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”. Is Modi clean and incorruptible on that parameter? I would say “NO”! We have to look at the new form of “fraudulent conduct”, because Modi and team would always remind us of the conventional old way, by reminding us of Gandhi faily and other “corrupt” ministers. I am not defending them in any way. All I am saying is, just because they are corrupt and Modi is not found to be doing that kind of corruption, it doesn’t make him “incorruptible” and super-clean. Mind that most of the previous Govt frauds were during UPA-1 (first 5 year term) which came to light during UPA-2 (their second term). So more will be known about Modi’s misuse of power. It is very clear that he won’t do it for himself. The modus operandi is different. But don’t mistake it for being clean.

But my main angst against him is pertaining to the second interpretation of word Corruption. He has mastered the art of alteration, falsification, manipulation, doctoring, fudging, degradation, abuse, subversion, misrepresentation – and all those synonyms not mentioned in the above image. He has genuinely earned his nick name “Feku”!

And that is even bigger corruption – according to me. Financial corruption is bad – but it is not grave. It can be identified, and punished. The corruption related to manipulation and changing to a degraded state – be it words, narrative, discourse, or institutions and social harmony or ideology – is extremely dangerous and irreversible.

Demonetization was an economic blunder. Yet it was not totally fatal. Any corruption or fraud or wrong-doing or blunder related to economy/ finance is not as grave. But the same related to culture, religion, social harmony, indoctrination of harmful and pervert ideology is unpardonable. Modi is guilty of that. And hence he is far more corrupt!

As to the conventional form of corruption, truth will come out eventually. All his suits and public money spent on personal agenda, his blatant way of gifting favors to select few businessmen, the rise in assets of BJP party, sprawling BJP headquarter, the unseen scam via schemes such as Mudra loan…and much more will come out.

Someone whose political vendetta begins and ends with “Congress-mukt” and “Gandhi Family” cannot do any real good. Period. Hope enough people wake up to this fact now and bring the change. If not the joke is on us – the 125+ Crore Indians…

(Dirty) Politics will go on. Different people and parties will come and go. Modi must not be allowed to ruin India further…


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