Thank You for 100 Followers!

Just as I woke up today morning I saw a message from WordPress:

Getting 100 followers is nothing great. I am perfectly aware of this. I am also aware that it is not a one-way (upward) movement. For example, I rose to 475 followers on Twitter just about two weeks back, and then in the last week I lost 10 followers to go down to 465 again. That may happen with my blog.

However, 100 is a landmark and it’s important that I express my thanks to all the readers. Silly that I waited for a landmark to thank; I should have done it even when I saw the first follower.

I have been blogging since 2004 or so. Changed many blogs (Blogger/Wordpress). But I have followed few principles (let me confess that I am currently reading “Principles” by Ray Dalio – hence word principles promptly popped up).

  1. I have never advertised my blog on social media or among friends, groups. None of my family members and closest friends (barring 1-2) know that I have a blog
  2. I have shared blog link with friends in very rare cases (less than 5), and only after knowing that they blog too. Exception: there is one exception though; I shared blog link with my soulmate friend who doesn’t blog (not as yet)
  3. So amost 95% of the 100 followers are strangers who happened to land on my blog and followed. So I am really grateful that they found something worthwhile.
  4. It is often said in the business that “First $1 million is the hardest”. Don’t know if it is true about blogging and if that threshold is 100. But I am not in that game of amassing followers. Not for this blog. I am planning to start a digital magazine for which I’ll need that knack. Any suggestions are welcome!
  5. I know that few more people read my blog but haven’t explicitly followed. I am grateful to them as well (however there is no harm in explicitly following. And you don’t need to be on WordPress. You can subscribe via your email too)

To summarize I am not in the game of accumulating followers and page hits. This blog is “स्वान्त सुखाय” (swanta sukhaya) i.e. to please or entertain myself. And hence the tagline of blog, if you have noticed, is “Notes to Myself”.

Having said that, I truly appreciate all the followers, readers for finding something worthy, meaningful, thought-provoking, entertaining in my blog and subscribing. Thanks!

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