First Step Towards APEx

I like teaching. Because I like learning. Nothing gets your concepts/ideas clear as much as when you teach them. A lot of prominent thinkers have said many things on this.

And so on…hope you got the gist!

So I wanted to start something on my own in the field of teaching and also continue learning.

Hence I have come up with a concept/name for my initiative. It’s going to be called APEx – which stands for “Academy for Personal Excellence

I thought about this while continuing my extended education (formal/informal) and when I also pursued Business Excellence.

In the context of organisations, there is Process Excellence at the core – which is about individual tasks and mastering those tasks. Then there is Operational Excellence – which is about interrelation and interdependencies between tasks/processes which collectively form “Operations”. And the all-encompassing layer of many such Operations is the Business Excellence.

But what we miss in this chain is that ultimately “person” is at the core of all this. Everything is driven and achieved by persons – humans. Yes, we may want organisations to be “process-driven” and “person independent”, but who would design such organisation and who would bring about that transformation? Persons!

So I strongly feel that Personal Excellence is or should be at the centre – shown as below:

Now let’s move away from organisation setup and think about an individual.

What does an individual who is not part of organisation strives (or should strive) for?

It’s Personal Excellence!

As I mentioned in a recent “Thought of The Day”, the first purpose of life is (or should be) to work your way to your best self! Do justice to your potential…

So even if you are not part of any organisation or a corporate setup, you may not have the outer layers. Still, what remains with you is the core layer of “Personal Excellence”. If you are an entrepreneur, or a shop keeper or a teacher, a homemaker, a parent, grandparent…choose any label, role, title you want – you cannot escape from Personal Excellence in that capacity.

So why not form an Academy for Personal Excellence – APEx

BEX is a common acronym for Business Excellence, hence I liked APEx, which is on similar lines, and also Apex signifies the highest summit – the ultimate destination of excellence (which is Perfection – and is always away from where you stand)

Now what should be my role at APEx? I just want to be the “First Student” at APEx. Note, it’s first student, not the Chief Student. I consider myself “Student for Life”, so I’ll always remain a student.

I may have some knowledge in some areas – in which I’ll play role of a trainer, and learn more during the process. Some others, who may want to get associated with APEx, would be good in some other area; they can be teacher in those areas, and I would like be their student!

What would APEx teach? Well, I haven’t decided that, but the idea is very clear. What does one want to excel in, when it comes to Personal Excellence? Sky is the limit!

So the way I envisage APEx is like an umbrella body which would have all people who are eager to learn, teach and learn more – and who believe that Personal Excellence is a lifelong journey.

All this is good talk. But how about operationalising APEx? I have some thoughts on that too. But they are still abstract and would be streamlined during the year. I am not in hurry and I am not here to prove something to somebody, or even to myself. APEx may not go anywhere and would die with me – and that’s fine. (It cannot die before me, because I am “Student for Life!” :-))

This post was just thinking out loud…I’ll continue to build on APEx concept/ theme/ offering and would eventually launch a website, come up with a logo and strategy and begin some formal operation – hopefully in 2019.

I have some thoughts about where to start. But I would also like to hear from you. Would you like to be associated with this experiment in some form and shape? At least, does this idea make sense to you?

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  1. Great idea and I most certainly would like to be part of it except that I have limitations of mobility and health. You can always pick my brains, that is if you think that I have one. I wish you all the very best in this endeavour.

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