Jamais Vu

I had heard about Deja Vu.

I had also heard a funny line on Deja Vu and Amnesia. It said: “I am having a mixed feeling of Deja Vu and Amnesia. I think I have forgotten this before…”

But I didn’t know that there was a word opposite to Deja Vu. It is Jamais Vu

It happens with me very often. I am very good at remembering dates, year – birthdays, anniversaries, dates of historical events, release dates of movies etc. I have developed a pattern about dates.

But I am extremely inept at remembering faces 🤦🏻‍♂️😞

It is so embarassing that I’ve done major goof-ups. I just vaguely remember that I have met or known this person, but don’t remember context or names. This has happened with relatives and clients alike! And this happens for recent encounters too…

I don’t know if Jamais Vu is the right word for it. But I am glad that I might not be the only weird person. If there is such a phrase, it would be a common or more frequent trait!

So next time if we meet somewhere on a street and if you see a blank face, you should know that I am not trying to avoid you or pretending to NOT know you…

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