On Hemachandra Numbers

I received few responses on this post and what it meant. So here is a post elaborating on that.

Petals of certain flowers are often found in Fibonacci series formation. In this case there were 8, which is a Fibonacci series number (1,1,2,3,5,8…)

You can read more about occurrence of this series in nature/flowers here.

Fibonacci sequence was known in India at least 2-3 centuries before Fibonacci made it popular in Europe. It’s called Hemachandra series.

Manjul Bhargava, Indian born mathematician and winner of Fields medal (equivalent to Nobel in Mathematics. The award is given every 4 years), often talks about Hemachandra/Fibonacci series and beautifully explains its linkages with poetry in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language), Tabla (Indian percussion instrument) and nature (Flowers, animals exhibit this series).

Here is Manjul himself playing Tabla in one of his lectures, demonstrating a rhythm which is based on Fibonacci/ Hemachandra

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