Lost In Translation…

I used to think that I am a reasonably effective communicator. i.e. I may not be very articulate but I manage to get the point across.

It seems I was wrong. If cautious reluctance to communicate is misconstrued as lack of courage to speak up my mind then I’ve miserably failed.

I am hurt. I feel that I don’t get to choose the medium I want to use for communication. And I still feel insulted by memories of bad experiences…won’t get over until I see a genuine apology – not in words but in action.

Communication without purpose is difficult. However intimate relationship without purpose is even more difficult.

What’s the purpose? What is it that we mutually fulfil to make each other complete? Is the purpose in line with what we do/say, how we treat each other?

Anyways, I’m sure this too is likely to get lost in translation. Guess why? Coz I do not have patience to write this in a different language (mother tongue) and do not have courage to say directly 🙂

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