How I Plan to Spend 2021

Yesterday I wrote about how I spent year 2020. Today I want to write about how I plan to spend 2021.

I recently tweeted 5-point list of the things I want to do in 2021. Here it is:

  • No Zero Days – This is the idea I picked up from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. Whatever you want to do, do it consistently, and regularly, even if in small quantities. Don’t miss it a single day! Hence no “zero days”. I have thought of 5 activities, out of which I plan do at least 2 every day. These activities are:
    • Working on my long-term goals/plans – Daily notes, 1 deck every month
    • Reading – 1 Book every month, along with detailed notes and review
    • Writing – 4 Blogs/articles every month and notes on the two books
    • Exercise – Min. 15 mins of exercise every month. Min. 7 hrs of exercise every week (including Badminton, walking etc)
    • Chess – One classical Chess game (30-60 mins) every week and detailed analysis of the game/theory preparation
  • Finance – Complete studies/manage portfolio. Want this to be the best year in absolute terms (not relative or % terms)
  • Book reading – At least 8 books, with detailed notes/reviews
  • Book writing – Complete the book and publish it
  • Improve chess – Reach Elo 1850+ equivalent strength
  • Movies/Documentaries etc – Watch at least 1 non-Hindi, non-English movie or a good informative documentary every month
  • Coding, website/app development – Learn coding, website/app development and build a portal/app/prototype
  • Visit one new place and take one good break which’ll rejuvenate me

Revisit this plan on 1st July 2021 for half-yearly review

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