Atomic Habits In Practice

Since 1st January 2021 I started doing some basic and short exercises at home for about 10 minutes. One of them includes Planking which I do for about 2-3 minutes.

In the whole 2021 I have not missed it even for a day, no matter if I am at home or travelling or in usual routine schedule or some abnormal schedule. If I am pressed for time, I reduce the overall time of exercising from 10 minutes to whatever I can. However, I definitely make sure that I don’t miss planking exercise!

And I must confess that I have started seeing some benefits…

I ensure that there are No Zero Days – something which I wrote about in my blog post at the beginning of the year in 2021

I also did well on my goal with respect to improvement in Chess by achieving 2000+ rating on Chess24 app

The other goal of reading was relatively easier. Though I don’t have the exact count I am sure I must have exceeded the target. In any case, I am happy on that front.

I also started dabbling a bit in coding. Did a couple of refresher courses from Coursera/Udemy and am going to continue the same in 2022. I am a bit slow there but not stagnant.

On personal goals front the progress was slow but steady. There were many positive triggers which I hope would good results this year and the next year.

Overall, I liked the Atomic Habits approach of setting small targets. Building a routine and bringing in changes in lifestyle so that habits become nature.

Above all, I feel better while pursuing this change and if I succeed it’s cherry on the cake!


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