Aapki Yaad Aati Rahi…

I love listening to Music when I go out alone in the evening for a walk. Most often I do not like surprises and randomness. So I have meticulously created playlists of various songs according to genres. It doesn’t mean I don’t like listening to new songs, new genres or new anything…I do try and then depending on whether I like it or not, it gets inducted in one of the playlists.

This habit of mine is peculiar and manifests in other areas too. In early part of my career my friend and I used to go to office (20 Kms away from my home) on a bike. One day I would take my bike and the next day my friend would take his bike and we both would drive. My friend was completely opposite in nature. When it was his turn, he would explore different routes, sometimes a longer route, sometimes stop in between for some snacks or shopping etc. When it used to be my turn, it was always point-to-point, Home-Office-Home, and that too on a shortest route. Once I reach home, I would then go out with friend for leisurely activities like having snacks or shopping etc. But I would not experiment with the commute.

In short, I would experiment but only to a limited extent.

I spend more time in browsing and choosing a movie, or a web series or songs than actually watching. Others just jump into watching and if they like they continue. I think that’s how it should be done. But I can’t do that.

Anyways, coming back to the Music playlists – I have created multiple playlists and added limited number of songs. For example, each playlist should not go above 20-25 songs. Else one keeps on dumping things in the playlist and then “My Favourites” itself swells to 250 songs! Also, I don’t have a “My Favourites” playlist; because everything is my favourite. Why would I add something which is NOT my favourite?

I have a playlist for 90’s Hindi Film songs – it’s the decade I grew up in and have fond memories of that period. Not the best, but personally identifiable. Then I have a separate playlist for Mohammad Aziz and Amit Kumar songs. They represent the specific section of late 80’s and early 90’s era, because they were overshadowed by Nadeem Shravan, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan combination and yet both Aziz and Amit Kumar gave some memorable songs!

Then I have a few lists for various genres in Marathi. Then a couple for Indian Classical Vocal. And lastly, I have a playlist for Ghazals. That’s something which is still work in progress, as I am not very deeply connected with the genre, but slowly developing a taste!

One of my favourites in Ghazals playlist is “Aapki Yaad Aati Rahi…Raat Bhar”. Sung by Chhaya Ganguly and composed by Jaidev, this Ghazal from film Gaman has a unique sound quality/tone. It has very minimal music/instruments and yet it’s very soulful!

Here is the original Ghazal from movie Gaman.

I recently heard its version sung by Deepti, and then by Rahul Deshpande, which was posted by Rahul Deshpande on his Youtube channel. He has disabled embedding the link on other website. So do check it on his channel. It’s titled “Aapki Yaad Ati Rahi | Deepti | Bhairavi| Rahul Deshpande | Unplugged|”

After listening to it I wanted to listen to the original one again. There is something about Ghazals which make it unique…don’t know why exemplary classical singers sound so different when they sing Ghazal. In Ghazals it’s not about the voice quality or mastery over singing, it’s about soul!

Suresh Wadkar has sung some great Ghazals and he’s also an accomplished Classical singer. But I am talking about pure Classical singers who sing Ghazals. I am yet to find a great one. Do let me know if you know one.


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