Books, Chess and Movies

I have been upbeat since last few weeks after I hit the lowest point in Sep 2021 in terms of mental piece. I have been traveling a lot and for the first time in my life I read a complete book during flights! Yesterday I finished the 387 page murder mystery novel and thoroughly enjoyed it!

World Chess Championship 2021 has just begun 3-4 days back. Vishy Anand is one of the commentators this time. So now that’s also keeping me busy! Just finished watching Game 3…

Since I was occupied with some of the prior commitments and office work, there is a lot of backlog of movies, web series and interviews. I hope to binge watch now and clear the backlog.

Finally, I’m starting today the last book of the year! It’s rather a heavy reading (470 pages and also the contents/topic). So I’m sure I won’t be able to take up anything new in this calendar year. But I have already achieved my target of this year’s book quota.

Overall, I am enjoying! Now everything is good, and I am far from achieving my bigger life goals. But that’ll happen. Or at least I’ll keep working at it and take the outcome I get. But more importantly, I am at peace…after a long long time…maybe after 2 decades!

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