Why Do Pirates Wear A Patch Over One Eye?

As a kid I always wondered why do pirates always wear a patch over one eye?

Maybe some of them had lost their eye during raids, fights etc. Or probably they wanted to have a scary look. Or was it part of their uniform so that they could recognise who was their own and who wasn’t?

Little did I know that there could be a “scientific” reason why they did so. Not sure if it is really true, but here is the explanation I came across.

The human eye adapts quickly when going from dark 🌌 to light 🌇, but it can take up to 25 mins to gain full sensitivity when going from light to dark

It’s been suggested that pirates wore a patch over one eye to keep it “dark-adapted” in case they had to suddenly go below deck

Isn’t it an interesting explanation?

If it’s true, my appreciation for pirates has gone up! They could be cruel thugs, but they are scientific and knowledgable too 😋

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