Nostalgia: Reading Old Emails and Chats

You know you are getting old when you have more memories than dreams.

I wouldn’t say I am in that phase yet; however, there are moments and days when I feel nostalgic and miss the conversations and the company I loved so much!

Fortunately, technology comes to help in such moments. I go through all the emails, chats to relive those moments and recreate that magic!

I have been reading the emails and chats from 2007-08 and from 2010. The period was so much mesmerising that I almost sent the message to the person to just say Hi and share my gratitude. Fortunately or unfortunately it seems that I have been blocked. Again a boon of technology. My impulse and one-sided affection has been put down to rest by the technological advances which doesn’t allow such random behaviour.

May be it’s better for the people involved. It’s better to be alone in such nostalgia.


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