Update: Phrazle – New Wordle Variant

I have written a few blog posts on Wordle and various variants of Wordle.

Here is one more addition to it called Phrazle.

It contains a phrase in English instead of one word, and hence it gets a bit more complicated. There is one additional clue which tells us whether the letter is present but in a different word. You get 6 attempts to solve it.

I tried a couple of them and was able to solve; however I didn’t enjoy the format. The way I solved was not to treat it as a phrase initially, but just a set of valid English words. The idea was to get few letters or a word in the phrase right and then guess the whole phrase.

Here the phrase works as an additional clue. For example, if you know the phrase “Caught Me Red Handed” and once you get enough letters to get “Caught” and a couple of other letters in Red Handed, it’s easy to crack. That’s exactly how I did it.

I will try this for a few more days to see if it excites me. I might even start liking it if I solve it more often. Let’s see…


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