RIP Internet Explorer (1995-2022)

Microsoft announced earlier this week that from 15th June 2022 they would be withdrawing the support for their old internet browser Internet Explorer (IE) and the users would be directed to download their new browser Edge.

This marks end of an era for IE since it existed from the beginning of Windows ’95 (the first PC with Graphical User Interface OS) and Internet (World Wide Web).

I clearly remember IE because I was 15 years old at that time. I had just done a basic level course in C programming and the only PC games that were there at that time were DOS based (Prince, Pacman etc!). We got to play those games for 10-15 minutes after finishing our programming class. So when the Windows ’95 came, it was a huge leap!

And when the browsers such as Netscape Navigator were launched it was the next level of excitement!

Netscape had captured the market immediately. But Microsoft smartly took advantage of their PCs and gave IE free with Windows ’95 (as a pre-installed software). They later faced a lawsuit because of this and had to pay huge fines. But damage was already done by that time and Netscape had been forgotten.

However IE had a lot of issues and hence the moment other browsers arrived, IE started losing its sheen. Google Chrome was the last and decisive assault on IE. Since last few years, IE had lost its position and it was just a matter of tome before it was put to perpetual rest.

Since this news broke yesterday there have been many memes circulating about the demise of IE – they are very funny and also right! Here are a few chosen ones…

RIP Internet Explorer. Not many will miss such messages now 👇


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