Gukesh D – The New Sensation in Indian Chess

The 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai is going on in full swing! I am enjoying it a lot and am following the live stream and post-game analysis on various Youtube channels. It is a great time for Chess lovers because the online Chess activity has exploded in last 3-4 years! You are no longer constrained by access to quality chess contents and analysis.

India is doing really well at the Olympiad. All the 6 teams (3 Men’s and 3 Women’s) are doing well as a team. However, there is one team – India’s Men’s 2nd team – which has caught everybody’s attention! It contains all the young prodigies of Indian chess and they are playing phenomenal chess!

However, the real star among the team has been Gukesh D – the 2006 born child prodigy who became Grand Master in 2019 and so far he has won all his 8 games! That’s amazing 8/8 score! With this performance he has now become India’s No. 2 rated chess player (behind Vishy Anand who continues to be India’s No. 1 rated player…since 1987!).

Gukesh achieved this amazing milestone by defeating none other than Fabi Caruana, one of the top 5 chess players in the world!

Here is analysis of the game by Agadmator – one of my favourite chess streamers!

Here is one more analysis of the same game by another streamer GothamChess whom I follow and like!


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