Magnus Carlsen – The Genius and High Moral Stance of

Magnus Carlsen, the current Chess World Champion and arguably the best chess player ever (or one of the top 5 of all time) is a genius!

However, Magnus is outstanding even amongst the greatest Chess players of all time and former world champions because he has made it big as an entrepreneur as well. Others mostly made money through prize money, endorsements, training/coaching, lectures or writing books.

Magnus is the first one who has taken it to the next level by starting “Play Magnus” and now selling it to for $82.9 million!

Lichess – the other popular chess platform was smart to quickly capitalize on this news by posting this tweet!

Interestingly, has taken a high moral stand and published on their website that they are not up for sale, ever! Let’s see how long they can sustain the pressure of Capitalist Vultures.


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