Chess Scandal: Hans Defeats Magnus And Creates A Huge Controversy

A very interesting sequence of events in Chess world since yesterday!

Magnus Carlsen played Hans, an upcoming US chess player who was just below 2700 rating (i.e. an easy opponent for Magnus), and Magnus lost!

After that Magnus decided to quit tournament and made some cryptic tweets which suggested that Hans might have cheated.

Now there is a lot of speculation and investigation going on to check if it was a case of cheating or was Magnus a sore loser.

Remember, Magnus has withdrawn from the World Chess Championship stating that he didn’t find the opponent strong enough. His only motivation now is to reach the Elo rating of 2900 (nobody has done that before and Magnus is 40-50 points away from that goal). Magnus is already the top rates player in the world, so beating anybody else doesn’t give him any significant rating points (and any kick, probably). For perspective, he would add 2-3 Elo points after winning the entire tournament! And with this single defeat he lost 9 points! So you can understand his frustration and his decision to quit the tournament.


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