Botez Sisters and Lex Fridman Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Magnus Carlsen’s chat with Lex Fridman. It’s an amazing episode and you must watch it if you are fan of chess or podcasting. It was the first time I checked full episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast and that was because of Magnus. But while watching it I realized that Lex Fridman is great podcaster and I should explore his channel more.

Luckily, his another episode soon after Carlsen’s caught my attention. It was with Botez Sisters. For those who don’t know Botez sisters, they are glamorous sisters who have popularized chess immensely through their chess streaming and Twitch channel. They are not Grand Master level players, they are not even International Masters. One of the sisters is FIDE Master and the other is a strong chess player with no title. Yet, they have become very popular, particularly during the pandemic. Many years ago, I had written a blog about Chess beauties. At that time Botez sisters had not emerged on chess scene. But if I were to write an update to that post, Botez Sisters would feature at top. (India’s Tania Sachdev would also feature, who too was too young at that time).

So I immediately watched the Lex Fridman episode with Botez sisters, and it was very good! You can watch it here:

After that I explored Lex Fridman channel and was amazed to see the depth and breadth of his interviews. Few guests were known/familiar and few others sounded good! I am going to go down the rabbit hole and watch other episodes. His conversations are long by the standard of other Western podcasters. Of course I am used to Amit Varma’s The Seen and The Unseen podcast which are, on average, 4 hrs long.

I wanted some insights on how should I explore Lex Fridman podcast, and by chance, I came across this recent short video on Chalchitra Talks covering Lex Fridman’s podcast.

I found this very insightful and now I am going to watch more of his podcast episodes mentioned in this video.


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