A good life…

My maternal grandmother passed away recently. I informed my boss in the US about it. He promptly sent me condolences.

I just happened to reply to him in live chat from my heart, without actually drafting my response. And I felt that it came from my long formed view.

I said: “She lived till 92 years, was active till her last day, never went to hospital in her life…and passed away at home peacefully in sleep, without any pain or trauma. That, to me, was a good life!”

I often worry and feel desperate about all the things I haven’t been able to achieve, all the people I have lost and so on. Then I look at people like my grandmother who lived a very simple yet fulfilling life. It makes me ponder over the meaning of a life spent well.

Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s losing a family member. But these are the times when I am at my weakest. Hence thought of quickly posting the feelings while they last.

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