I came across this post on LinkedIn and liked it; so thought of sharing here (with due credit)



I see so many people label themselves as a Thought Leader, Expert & Guru on LinkedIn. Lord knows how many #1 authors are on this site. Good for them! Congrats on their hard work & achieving their goals.

I am none of the above.

Write a book? I can’t even color in a coloring book. I color as if i am blind-folded. Never in the lines.

Thought leader? Naw, not me. My thoughts are my own. I’m not trying to sell my thoughts & ideas. My thoughts are what I have seen over the years & my conclusions.

Influencer? I can’t even get my daughter to clean her room. That’s how much influence I have on people.

Expert? Never will be & never want to be. To me, expert means you have decided to quit learning because you have nothing else to learn.

All I am is experienced. I have learned from bad experiences & from good experiences. All I do is write posts from all of my experiences. I do not claim to be anything but honest & realistic.

My goal with my posts is that I hope someone can take something I write about & apply it in their private and professional life.

I want to thank everyone for their support of my posts. I want to thank everyone that have agreed/disagreed with what I have written.

You are the experts, I am the student.

written by Jay Jensen (LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jay-jensen-45b88686 )