Cogito ergo sum

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog titled “I Teach. Therefore I Learn” which was a twist on a maxim by famous French philosopher and mathematician Renee Descartes (1596-1650) which says: Cogito ergo sum. (I think; therefore I am.)


In a Discourse on the Method, Renee Descartes questions the world and his surroundings by doubting and re-evaluation everything. By doing so, he aims to gain a fresh perspective without any preconceptions. Through the different parts of the discourse, Descartes questions the reality and incontrovertibility of his surroundings and comes to the conclusion in part 4 of, “I think, therefore I am.” He believes this is the only incontrovertible truth he can actually prove, the logic being that since he has the ability to recognize that other things may not be the true, he must exist to have the ability to do this in the first place. If he didn’t exist, then he would not recognize not doubt his surroundings. His maxim not only conveys his skepticism of the surrounding world but also explains the only truth he knows.

“I think; therefore I am” is such an intriguing quote that there are many layers to it. The deeper you peel, the more meaning and leading thoughts you can generate!

Though I like philosophy and serious thinking, I also like satire, humor, and, at times, even non-sense jokes! Some friends call me “the funny guy with a poker face”. Anyways, so what I found interesting was that how this famous quote by Descartes has been turned and twisted in some most hilarious and intelligent ways! I liked one, in particular, and used it as a tag line for my blog – “I Doubt. Therefore I Might Be?” It goes with my nature of being skeptical and suspicious about things and habit of questioning or debating everything! 🙂

Here are few more:

  • I think (too much); therefore I am (single)
  • I think (a lot); therefore I am confused
  • I didn’t think; therefore I am not
  • “I think I am, therefore, I am… I think.” ― George Carlin.
  • I rant, therefore I am. ~ Dennis Miller
  • I forget, therefore I was.
  • I drink therefore I am. ~ W. C. Fields
  • They think, therefore I am. ~ God
  • At times I think and at times I am. ~ Paul Valery
  • I think; therefore I am dangerous
  • I think; therefore I am…not here
  • I sink; therefore I swam – a song by John Law
  • I crave; therefore I blog
  • I forget; therefore…what was I saying?
  • I Bing; therefore I don’t Google


And there is an entire parody song written by The Comedian group. It is published on whose mission is “Making fun of music, one song at a time. Since the year 2000”!

Here is the song “I Think Therefore I Am”:

That French philosopher Descartes
Listened to his pounding heart
He thought a bit and he felt a spark
Tingle in his spine

‘Twas then he coined the line

From which
His fame be-gan

That pompous line —

“I think, there-fore I am!”

They walked along drinkin’ rum an’ coke
A little confused, they remembered jokes
And passed around a joint for tokes
In a roach-clip burnin’ bright

They drank whiskey through the night

The big ex-am

Then they cried —

“I drink, there-fore I cram!”

A hurricane someplace far off blew
As he was workin’ wind-jammer’s crew
As the tide bust through a big gust threw
His sailboat upside down

He dropped into the sea to drown

But he was a
Stubborn man

And he shouted out —

“I sink, there-fore I swam!”

(harmonica & guitar instrumental)

He walked up, her back was bare
He didn’t see hair anywhere
He told himself he’d charm her there
Push in-to her open thighs

Felt a gassiness inside

Blew wicked gust-ings from his can

Coughed and cried —

“I stink, there-fore I scram!”

He hears the ticking of the bomb
And works along with a careful aplomb
Shuts it down with a wonderful calm
‘Til the timer’s stopped its spin

Maybe it’s ticking loud again

He’s a
Worried man

His last thought —

“I think, there-fore I–” BLAM!!

People tell me
I’m a fool

To waste what I
Did learn in school

I still believe that this is cool
Writing parodies

I’ll write more of these

‘Cause I
Was born a man

Whose motto’s —

“I think, there-fore I can!”


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