Memories are special, but not always…

Today I saw following tweet by India’s ex-cricketer Virender Sehwag


Today happens to be the anniversary of India’s 2011 Cricket World Cup victory! 7 years since one of the most memorable sporting achievements in the history of Indian cricket…

Memories are special…but not all. The last line of Sehwag’s tweet led to one such memory:

What were you doing that night?

Well, I don’t specifically remember what I was doing – most likely I was watching the celebrations and post-match events on TV. But the question got me thinking about what she was doing?

And it led to a painful walk down the memory lane – the wrong lane.

She was roaming along with spouse across the high street where lot of people had gathered to celebrate the Indian World Cup Win! And this was during the heydays…

People move on and memories fade. But some memories fade slowly…and that’s painful.

But as they say: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

So I need to get over and learn the art of forgetting! Maybe I should learn the art today…the 2nd April since tomorrow is another day.

On another note, I saw an interesting book on the street yesterday. Added it to wish-list:



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