Just For Fun: A Piece Of (F)Art…

A friend sent me this quote…

My instant reply was:

This quote looks incomplete. Let me complete the thought with another quote/thought…

“Art is nurtured in loneliness/ solitude (Private) and exhibited in Public.”

Now read both quotes together and connect the dots…


P.S.: It is always good to read interesting quotes/thoughts/one-liners…you never know what comes handy and when…!

2 thoughts on “Just For Fun: A Piece Of (F)Art…

Add yours

  1. Darrr-am Burrrr-am Bhayam Naasthi
    (Loud, sonic-boom farts do not stink)

    Koiyyam Kotakasya Madhyaman
    (There’s a reasonable amount of stink when the fart is squeaky and forced)

    Thissssss-adhghoram Mahadhghoram
    (Unbearable attack of stink forces when the fart hisses)

    Nishabdham Praana Sankatam
    (The unheard fart is a killer)

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