Apple recently touched market capitalization of $1 trillion!

Here are some interesting facts:

Apple IPO valuation

(Dec 12, 1980): $1.2 billion

Apple valuation on 2nd Aug 2018: $1 trillion

Stock return since IPO: 50,000%

Apple va Nokia rivalry:

Valuations today:

  • Apple: $1 trillion
  • Nokia: $30 billion

Valuations when iPhone was released in 2007:

  • Nokia: $110 billion
  • Apple: $104 billion

At one point in 1996 Apple was written off…

And now it has become the most valuable company after 22 years!

The stock movement has really tested the patience of Long Term investors.

Apple has really been a late bloomer:

A lot can be said about Apple’s financial and operating achievements. But the real insight might come from the culture and how Apple perceives and treats the employees.

Relentless, collective effort of a bunch of insanely smart and focused people for years on end towards making great products = One Trillion Dollars.

This is Apple’s welcome letter to new employees:

Source: Twitter

This might be the key to Apple’s success!

And if you want another proof here is a quote from Steve Jobs from his 2007 interview:

You know how many committees we have at Apple?

Zero. We are organized like a startup.

—Steve Jobs