Statista is a very useful portal for Statistics!

It has wealth of information on various domains and presents the statistics and insights in beautiful graphics. Lot of content are paid, but some are free as well.

I had attended an elective course on Data Visualization during my MBA and liked it a lot! I have been following Hans Rosling’s videos on Youtube and the way he narrates stories through statistics and data visualization tools. Here is a glimpse:


I am currently reading a fascinating book “Factfulness” written by Hans Rosling (who unfortunately passed away recently)


I think we must teach such tools and courses in the primary and secondary education. It would help people to cut through the data deluge and extract the meaning.

The reason for this post is for sharing a (free) report published by Statista on “Digital Economy Compass 2018”. It is filled with interesting insights, the one I liked in particular is the following:


All these are loosely categorized as Tech companies but their revenue drivers/business models are so different!

Here is Digital_Economy_Compass_2018 (which you can also download from Statista website).