Henry Ford On Advertising

I have written multiple blog posts on Henry Ford which you can check here.

I feel that his book/biography “My Life and Work” must be included as essential reading for any Management course. Couple of his other books are also excellent (including the one on his relationship with Thomas Edison, titled “Edison As I Knew Him”).

Here is another wuote by Henry Ford on importance of advertising. I think what he referred to could be called “Marketing” in today’s terms – in early 20th century there used to be only advertising of products.

2 thoughts on “Henry Ford On Advertising

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  1. Advertising in the generic sense that has been used by Ford is very misleading. Very otten I find advertising waste of money because the media used or the content does not address the appropriate audience. Very often there are areas where you simply cannot advertise in the traditional sense as your target audience do not have access to the media. I would use Promotion as an alternative.


    1. I agree. As I said, Advertising vs Promotion vs Marketing vs Branding etc are terms/jargons of modern world. Not from 1900s-1920s. But the point is valid. The weakest link in all this, I feel, is how to measure the effectiveness. Many TV ads become popular/memorable but the product doesn’t benefit. Remember innovative campaigns by FMCG/auto companies, product sachet attached with newspaper or a real key attached. They crate buzz but don’t translate into meaningful sales/market share gain.


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