First Twitter Trend of 2019: #10YearChallenge

I like Twitter because it is fun, thought-provoking, entertaining, argumentative, sarcastic, humorous, and often abusive too…

Twitter “trends” are very common now. Some trends are global and some are national or even regional. Some are fun and leisure and some are issue based.

For example, #IceBucketChallenge which started in 2014 and #KikiChallenge which started in 2018 were fun and leisurely trends. But the #MeToo movement which started in 2017 was a real issue based trend. #MeToo in India had political fallout as well when a Central Government Minister had to resign on the charges of sexual exploitation.

In last fews days there is the first trend in 2019 which is catching up fast. It’s called the #10YearChallenge where people post their photos 10 years ago (2009) and today (2019). The ideas is to just see the transition/transformation that took place in a decade.

Of course it has taken up different meanings based on people’s creativity – some desperately try to show how “they have not aged at all” and still look young and beautiful. Some show the progress in terms of career (posing with a bike 10 years ago and a big car now), and so on.

There have been very creative memes of #10YearChallenge mocking, ridiculing, poking fun at politicians, companies, movie starts, celebrities, sports persons, reporters, etc. Here are few I liked…

So here is the question for you…can you take up #10YearChallenge and post picture, or write about how 10 years have transformed you?

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