10 Years Challenge – The Stock Market Way

Last week I posted a blog on the 10 Years Challenge and the craze of the challenge is still going sttong!

Today I received the 10 Years Challenge applied to the Indian stock market.

It’s an interesting reminder of what right or wrong stock selection can do to your portfolio.

Those who have been in the stock market long enough and have seen the insane rally of 2004-2007 followed by crash of 2008-2009 and then slow recovery can quote many such examples.

If you get one such winner and if you get the asset allocation right, it can change your life forever!

But if you place your money on a wrong horse (no matter how big the name is – you can see Anil Ambani appearing twice in the dud-list), you’ll lose your shirt, and pants, and everything else…

An interesting 10 Years Challenge for people interested in the stock market…isn’t it?!

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