Book: Marketing Warfare

I am an Engineering student who went on to pursue MBA. Mathematics is my most favourite subject. I have always been a maths/science/engineering/logic kind of person. Even during MBA I liked the subjects which were extensions of the above i.e quantitative methods, business statistics, accounting and finance. Because those were concrete and deterministic subjects. However my real learning in MBA was developing interest in softer subjects based on Social Sciences – namely Economics (I know it has a lot of quantitative part, but classical Economics is still considered to be derived from Philosophy, Reasoning etc.), Marketing, Strategy and HR. Had I been exposed to these subjects in school, I would definitely have not pursued Engineering. Especially Economics and Marketing.

In spite of pursuing Management studies for 2 years I had never really followed two of the top marketing and advertising professionals in the world today – namely Al Ries and Jack Trout.

I got introduced to them, particularly to Jack Trout, through Rajiv Bajaj, the CEO of Bajaj Auto.

Rajiv Bajaj himself is an expert on Marketing Strategy and a delight to listen to. Check out my previous blogs where I have posted some of his videos.

Bajaj hired Jack Trout as Marketing consultant and worked with him to turn around Bajaj Auto. Rajiv, in one of the talks, described Bajaj Auto’s strategy using the four types of Marketing warfare defined by Trout.

From that talk I picked up the book he was referring to – “Marketing Warfare” by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

I was looking for that book for sometime and finally, today I found that book on the old/used books stall on the roadside!

Looking forward to reading this book now…the Contents page itself is amazing!

Oh, forgot to mention…I got this book for just Rs 20! 🕺🏻😇

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