Mathematics Is Fun!

I like Mathematics and Puzzles and Problem Solving from very young age. Even today I dabble with many puzzles in my free time and I am in fact working on a book of puzzles (well, I am ashamed of saying so, because it’s in the making for last 2+ years).

Puzzles, riddles etc, if used properly, can actually make mathematics entertaining! Yes, mathematics IS fun. A very rich form of fun! Those who do not agree have probably not come across the right sources.

Martin Gardner (whose 10th death anniversary took place recently) is the best starting point for “recreational mathematics”. I have the entire collection of all his books and articles.

For the entertainment part, one person you can check is Arthur Benjamin – the man who not only demonstrates speed mathematics but also makes it very lively and entertaining! Do check his Youtube videos.

However, there is another person you should check out. His name is Matt Parker. He is an Australian Teacher who is now based in the UK. And he describes himself as “stand-up mathematician”! And amazing concept!

He is a mathematician, who has developed stand-up shows built around mathematics! Isn’t that awesome?!

His youtube channel is called standupmaths. Here are a couple of videos from his stand-up comedy based on maths.

He has also written few books. I have one of those books called “Humble Pi – A Comedy of Maths Errors

The book has very interesting concept – it is about how serious the mistakes in mathematics can be.

Here is an interesting talk by Matt Parker based on the same book…

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