Joji and Cyrus Says Podcast

I mentioned in one of the earlier blogs that the biggest positive thing that happened to me in 2020 was the discovery of regional cinema – Mallyalam to be specific, and also discovery of Fahadh Faasil!

I am simply in love with his acting range and versatility. So when his most recent movie Joji premiered on Amazon Prime, I immediately watched it and liked it a lot!

There is something unique about him. Ayushman Khurana is complimented a lot for his choice of films. However, if you follow his last few films, his pattern is obvious. There is no uniqueness, it’s just that it was fresh change when it happened. But now he is getting predictable. Also, his range as an actor is really really limited.

That’s not the case with Fahadh Faasil. His choice of films is just outstanding! He is a superb actor! And moreover he gets into many other aspects of film making. I am eagerly looking forward to his other forthcoming releases and also some of the old gems which I haven’t watched yet. By the way, I must have watched 8-10 of his films in last 1 year…so I am catching up really fast but still a long way to go.

Another hobby I have picked up in last 1 year (which I already used to enjoy, but in a small way) is the Podcasts – mainly on Spotify app, and few others. When I say Podcast, let me qualify it. By Podcast, I mean conversations – interviews, chats, discussions etc. I don’t mean the “book reading” or “music” side of the podcasts.

This also means that not all podcasts would be audio only…it could be Youtube videos too.

I really like the Seen and the Unseen podcast by Amit Verma and Cyrus Broacha’s podcast. Cyrus is a very interesting person, and really really talented and knowledgable too! He is not a typical comedian, he’s also not a typical host. And after listening to his podcast it’s clear that he is well-read and a thinking person!

Here are some of his podcasts which you may enjoy. BTW his podcasts are accessible on Spotify as well as on Youtube too.

The range of people he invites on his chat show is extensive.

I would like to see Karan Thapar, Subramanian Swamy and Arun Shourie on his podcast!

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