StatEATistics: What India Eats

Swiggy, one of 40+ Unicorns India produced in 2021, is a food delivery start-up which is losing Crores of rupees, while adding tonnes of calories to Indians who order food at home and stuff themselves. The trend has picked up a lot since COVID hit us in 2020.

By virtue of their business Swiggy (or their rival Zomato) gather enormous amount of data about what Indians eat. Interestingly, it would have taken a huge effort earlier when people would eat in the restaurants. Now the aggregation of data is happening naturally because of few of the biggest Food Delivery start-ups.

Swiggy has released an interesting insight, smartly titled “StatEATistics” – or trends/summary of what Indians eat.

Of course, this cannot be generalised because it’s data only from Swiggy and mainly about food delivery at home (and not orders placed at restaurants). However, it’s still meaningful if we assume that (a) trend with other Food Delivery apps would be similar and (b) Home delivery items and Eating at restaurant items are more or less the same.

The data is interesting! Dal Khichdi at #3 in Pune could be entirely because of me 😋

P.S.: Since this post is about insights from Food delivery, I am going to tag it as “Food for Thought” 🤗

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