My Spotify Report – 2022

Since the pandemic I have been hooked to podcasts. Before that it was mainly listening to songsduring my commute to office, or evening walks or before going to bed. I used to listen a lot of songs on Wynk and later on Jio Saavn.

But since last two years I have switched to Spotify. Youtube still remains the main place where I consume contents, but now Spotify is also big.

Yesterday I noticed an interesting thing.

Spotify showed my my year on Spotify – a detailed report on how much time I spent, what were the top songs, artists, what were the most played podcasts and so on.

I actually noticed it after seeing a tweet from Jim, someone I follow. His usage was Spotify was staggering and that put him in top 2-3% of Spotify users in the US. Here is the tweet:

98,682 minutes in 2022 is mind boggling! That’s 4.5-5 hours per day!

So out of curiosity I checked my report and though my minutes are much less compared to Jim, it’s still in top 4-5% of Spotify users in India. It also indicates that Spotify is not so much popular in India.

Here are few glimpses of my report which is called “2022 Wrapped”

This is equal to 48-50 minutes every day!

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