Thoughts on International Women’s Day and Pentagram of My Life

Today (8th March) is International Women’s Day. Like any other “day” this too has gained prominence and popularity in the last few years. “Celebrating something” is the permanent theme of this era of Social Media. Everything is displayed publicly, in an exaggerated manner and everything is celebrated often because of peer pressure.

International Women’s Day is no different. Suddenly, everybody gets hyper on showing their gratitude, love, affection, respect for women. The over-smart category of women (the so-called independent, feisty, gutsy corporate women who “efficiently juggle multiple balls – career, home, children, relationships and so on…”) is the most vocal on and around this day. They share wisdom quotes, sob stories, self-praise disguised as a sincere-looking post on Linkedin thanking others. They appear in panel discussions, podcasts, and on magazine covers. It’s all “I, Me, and Myself”.

I get infuriated by such women; they are unbearable.

On the contrary, the real women of substance who need to be celebrated or praised or supported are often overlooked.

It may sound as if I have some grudge against Women’s Day. So let me clarify that I don’t. I just can’t tolerate the fake, glossy, over -the-top mediocre women who think they have achieved something great just because they are women.

Anyways…let me express my gratitude, respect, appreciation and love for the women in my circle of life. It’s a pentagram — a five-pointed star.

The five corners of pentagram are:

• My mother — No explanation needed

• Wife — Someone who is truly my “better half” in a lot of ways

• Daughter — Again, no explanation needed

• Soulmate — Unlike the better half, she was the “inseparable half” of me. We were ONE.

• A placeholder for all women I come across in my life – professionally and personally and who I learn from, admire, like, and love

My life will be empty/hollow without any single one of them.

I cannot say enough to express my feelings towards the shining pentagram ⭐️ in my life!


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