14 Years on Twitter

Today I complete 14 years on Twitter!

I joined Twitter way back in 2009 when there were hardly any Indians. I was also an early adopter (compared to other Indians) of FaceBook in 2007 but got bored with it by 2012 and have deactivated the account (not deleted) since then.

I have 3 Twitter accounts now. One is this one which I use for expressing my political and social views. It carries my name but not the last name or photo.

Then I have a professional one which I created 2-3 years back. It carries my full name, photo and is linked to my Linkedin profile. I never dabble into politics or any other topics on that account. It’s strictly meant to be for professional networking and learning.

The third one I have is just a passive account for exploring Twitter, searching and archiving contents. I rarely tweet via that account.

Among the various social media platforms I like Twitter the most! I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest but use them only occasionally.

I am now working on a couple of interesting things to setup another website, but more about it later.


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