Friendship Day – Nice Ad By Vodafone India

Today is Friendship Day (first Sunday or August). I am not sure if it is World Friendship Day or International Friendship Day or just India-specific.

I don’t like the nonsense of Days – Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Neighbors’ Day and all that.

Some emotional fools or some clever Marketing brains device such days and the rest of the world follows like herd.

Does it mean that there is no place for reverance, celebration, gratitude? No place for just feeling good?

Of course not!

But it need not be a collective sentiment on a particular day. And forwarding some messages and posting some photos is the least creative way of “celebrating” (because you do that anyways, for the whole year).

Any time in your life if someone wants you to “celebrate” something as a ritual because “the whole world is doing it”, do remember that it is nonsense and they have seized your mind – and this includes “Independence Day” as well. Because you may observe certain Day or commemorate, but you don’t have to celebrate it like a mass hypnotization event. Celebration is personal…do preserve it for Birthdays or anniversaries or such days of your near and dear ones – not public at large.

Anyways, I am still going to share an interesting Friendship Day ad by Vodafone India….because it is creative and spot on!

But it should not be misinterpreted that I am wishing Happy Friendship Day 🤓😋

Here is the ad:


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