Vishwanathan Anand Answered My Question!

I love game of chess and Vishwanathan Anand is one of my heroes – not just as a chess player but also as a person!

I have written blogs on Vishy several times so far. You can search through few of them here.

Another great chess player I admire is Garry Kasparov! He is very controversial but he has also done a lot for the game. He has written some great books on chess – including an extensive series called “My Great Predecessors” where he wrote about all past World Chess Champions and commented on their games/styles.

Vishy Anand has not done much on that front. He has published a volume on his best games (which usually all great players do), but that’s it. He is also not very extrovert and has not given many long interviews. A lot is known about him by now (how he started playing chess and how he grew up etc), but nothing beyond that.

So, when I saw a tweet few weeks ago inviting people to submit questions for Vishy Anand’s interview, I posted one.

After that I completely forgot about my tweet and that interview. I didn’t even know if thay interview happened.

To my surprise I was tagged on Twitter today with a clip from that interview featuring my question and Vishy’s response! Felt so delighted!

Now eagerly looking forward to Vishwanathan Anand’s biography!


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