William Dalrymple on The Anarchy

One of my favorite literary events is Jaipur Lit Fest, which is now well established after 8-10 years of its existence. I follow on YouTube a lot of talks from the Lit Fest. Just a couple of days back I watched this talk by historian William Dalrymple’s on his book The Anarchy – which tells a fascinating tale of The East India Company.

I have followed many talks by William and his style of writing history is very different/unique…it is less scholarly/academic and more of story-telling. It’s less about events or dates, and more about personalities and motives.

In this talk he has beautifully narrated how and why the East India Company became the big conglomerate and how it lost the grip.

P.S.: I want to read his books, however, I found his talks/speeches, interviews so more engaging that I have not yet turned to his books.

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