Chess Update

Since the COVID pandemic broke out there has been many hurdles in the OTB (Over The Board) chess tournaments. However, the online chess has really taken off in a big way!

The amazing web series Queen’s Gambit which was released soon after the pandemic and lockdown began was a massive boost to Chess. Then came a wave of online chess tournaments and chess streaming. After 2 years this trend has settled in well. Now OTB tournaments have also started and I hope to play some classical chess tournament soon. I mentioned some time back that I have resumed chess in more formal/serious manner in 2022.

Meanwhile, I achieved a small milestone in my journey towards rating of 2000. Yesterday I crosses rating of 1900 on

Of course this is not a real (FIDE) rating. My highest FIDE rating is still at around 1850 and current rating is a tad above 1700. However, the online rating is some what close to the real rating.

I hope to continue my progress both in online chess and in FIDE rated tournaments.


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