Question: There are 3 frogs on a leaf. If one of them decided to jump off the leaf into the water, how many frogs are there left on the leaf?

Answer: THREE


The frog only DECIDED to jump! It didn’t actually jump!

Dreaming of a personal accomplishment, most people make the mistake of waiting…

– Waiting until they’ve been trained
– Waiting till someone says they are ready
– Waiting till they have the proper tools
– Waiting till they’re better
– Waiting till they’re hired
– Waiting till they’ve been given the assignment

Ponder over this, my friends. Are you not unlike the frog; who decides to do this, decides to do that, but ends up doing nothing?

In life, we have to make many decisions. Some easy; some hard. Most mistakes are NOT made by wrong decisions; Most mistakes are made due to our inability to take a right decision at the right time.

We have to live with the consequences of our decisions. And that is RISK.

Croak. Jump. Dive!!!

~ Kaustubh