Fun Game: Bow and Arrow

Enjoy this fabulous game!

A new game to test your accuracy in shooting the apples. If you can shoot e.g. 20 PCs, you are in the 50 yrs old category.

No. Of apples
Shot. Age
2 PCs. 80 yrs
5 PCs. 70 yrs
10 PCs. 65 yrs
15 PCs. 60 yrs
20 PCs. 50 yrs
25 PCs. 40 yrs
26 PCs. 35 yrs
27 PCs. 30 yrs

Is it impossible to shoot 28 PCs?

Be patient & give it a try…might help to slow down Alzheimer’s Disease!

What’s your best? 😊👍🏽🏹

Caution: As soon as you touch the screen, after loading, arrow is shot!

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